Why Nutrithority?

A lot of you have seen the Nutrithority supplement samples in the gym and have heard me sing the company's praises, yet I've never really explained my involvement. I wanted to take a minute to explain why I throw my weight behind Nutrithority.

A decade or so ago, I had a low-level sponsorship from a local supplement company. Enthralled with their branding, I began blindly pushing their supplements to my clients. It wasn't until I started to really pursue my nutrition education that I discovered I did not believe in the products I was suggesting.

Fast forward to a local bodybuilding competition, where I met the owner of Nutrithority, Jared Ragsdale. We quickly struck up a conversation regarding the supplement industry and the problems with it. Turns out, we agreed about most of it, but Jared was already actively working to change it. Shortly after that conversation, Jared offered to sponsor me as an athlete and I excitedly accepted.

Jared instilled in me his business ethics of only making a product if it either:

A) It doesn't exist.


B) The existing product can be improved upon.

I jumped on that train and have been onboard ever since.

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